Hamcram and Exam

I've created a Google Docs Spreadsheet with links to various ham radio parts, study aids, repeaters, and more:

Upcoming Hamcrams:

Hamcrams are on hold until the COVID-19 emergency ends. There are study resources at hamstudy.org that you can use in the meantime.

Older hamcrams:

Stockton Hamcram - Saturday, February 8, 2020

Modesto Hamcram - Saturday, February 15, 2020

Manteca Hamcram - Saturday, (TBD), 2020

What is a hamcram?

The hamcram is an all-day cram-session in six, one-hour sessions: three before lunch, three after lunch. We give the test at the end of the six study sessions, right after a quick break. No Morse code is required!

Thousands have gotten their licenses at similar events by studying actual questions and answers. 35 random questions from what you've studied that day will appear on the FCC exam given at the end of the day. More than 90 percent of students pass their license exam on their very first try.

This study session provides you with everything you need to know to pass the FCC Technician or General license exams. Every question in the question pool is covered. This method uses the "Looks-right!" method-the answer that "looks right" usually is (use your short-term, recognition memory).

This is NOT a comprehensive ham-radio training course. However, you will obsorb into your short-term memory what you need to pass the test. And the best part of this adventure is this: YOU WILL BE LICENSED! From here, you will be able to learn from other hams at your own pace and we'll connect you with other resources, most of which are free or low cost.

Some persons may not be able to use this study method. Although ham radio is for all ages, persons less than 12 years old must have special permission to attend (sessions require a developed attention span to be able to sit and read for 50 minutes at a time). If you have a physical issue that doesn't allow you to sit for long periods of a time, this may be a struggle for you - bring a cushion or whatever helps. Those with ADD, ADHD, reading disabilities such as dyslexia or nystagmus, may need to practice more than the 6 hours this class provides. But don't fret, you can do so independently if you are self-motivated, and then study for 6 more hours with us and take the test. Feel free to use the registarion link which has contact info to ask for early help.

If you wish to start studying early, we encourage you to use this free online resource, and/or purchase the smart phone app: Hamstudy.org

What is a Amateur Radio?

Other Regular Hamcrams:

Other Exams (may or may not have hamcrams):